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Sgt. Jerry "Snuffy" Armstrong's 1st Platoon C 2\7 Cav 1968-1969 Photos

Sgt. Jerry "Snuffy" Armstrong's 1st Platoon C 2\7 Cav 1968-1969 Photos

Commie flag liberated by the real Democratic Republican people's Army. Photo taken up North in Mts. west of Camp Evans, I Corps area 1968.

Below: Down South, later in '68 and the 1st Cav's move, at LZ Billy, XT437853, which was a marshen spot on the Cambodian border and had been used by LTC Alexander Haig's infantry battalion in the Big Red One for the same purpose in '66: Snuffy says, "Wake me when the war is over."

Terry Ammons, left, and Snuffy.

Friend firing at foe.

Standing L to R: Snuffy, Jim Morley, Sgt. Bob Moorehead (WIA, Jan 10. 1969).
Bottom row L to R: Lt. Ian Barclay, PFC Floyd Rogers, PFC John Woodworth(reading Stars & Stripes).

Snuffy's Gun Squad; Standing L to R: Ray Simonetti, Brooklyn, NY; Doug Brunn, Sauk Rapids, MN; Tom Vinciguerra, Baltimore, MD; Howard Anderson, Oakland, CA; Charlie Hamilton, Lake Stevens, WA, KIA as Sgt. July, 01, '69; Terry Ammons, Waycross, GA; Bob Bailey, Rockville, MD; Floyd Rogers, Olean, NY;
Bottom row L to R: Ron "Stubby" Hoffman, Hays, KS, WIA June 21,'69; Snuffy, Lithia Springs, GA; Frank Barrientes, Edinburg, TX, WIA June 20, '69.

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